Tuesday, May 3, 2005

BMV to close 12 branches

The Governor is closing down 12 BMV branches and reorganizing the opening hours again. This is in an effort to "improve efficiency" for Hoosiers. Apparently, the governor has never spent 90 minutes in line to renew his driver's license. I am sure that the closure of the twelve branches will only serve to lengthen these lines.

In another act of wisdom, the governor has changed the office hours of the BMV for the second time in five months. This was after they spent tens of thousands of dollars in a marketing blitz which listed the new hours on refrigerator magnets which were distributed across the state.

Lastly, the new director of the BMV was interviewed on television yesterday and he stated that they are scrapping plans to use new computers at the BMV. Well, that's fine because the state is in a budget crunch, right? Wrong. The BMV has already purchased the computers and cannot return them. The BMV claims they are already outdated.


Blogger rainchic said...

Did the governor order these closed or did the new director of the BMV order it? The spin of the news broadcast was putting all the blame on the new director. I thought it was nice how they made sure to point out he was the former head of Galyans, like that would discredit him. I understand the hipocracy in wasting $10K worth of marketing materials and who knows how much worth of computers, but why make it out to be the new director's fault if it's the governor decision? Just a thought.

May 04, 2005  
Blogger torporific said...

The star article today allows Gov Daniels to distance himself somewhat. He claims that he gave him the green light to close some offices, but he said he could have done it in a more diplomatic way.

I like how the new director admitted that he was sneaky in closing them right after the legislative session so he wouldn't have to face lawmakers. Ha! I have to give him points for candor, but I don't know how long he'll last.

Yes, and I haven't figured out whether the fact that was the former CEO of Galyans is supposed to be a positive or negative comment.

Here is the link to the article.

May 04, 2005  

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