Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Daily Digest

Here are some noteworthy Indiana articles:

The Dukes of Acton This is an Indianapolis Star segment on an Acton family that has had a participant in the demolition derby for each of the last 27 years. When I was a little kid, derby winners were heroes. Hmmm, I think Hollywood is ready for a movie about demolition derbies. Correct me if I am wrong, but there aren't very many films in this genre. I can only think of the Fonz participating in one on Happy Days.

Taking Down Words has a good piece on that (expletive deleted) BMV Commissioner Silverman.

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette has a good editorial urging our Senators to vote against SB 397, which would give immunity to gun manufacturers and would block the ATF from going after gun dealers who deal guns to criminals. I think this is a good idea as certain manufacturers used to cater to customers in the underworld. The makers of the Tec-9 or DC-9 (because it was used in so many DC homicides) marketed directly to criminals using the "DC" name and even bragged that their guns were resistant to fingerprints.


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