Friday, September 16, 2005

Does anyone really know what time it is?

Or will be...

Masson is probably doing a better job keeping up on the Eastern/Central debate than anyone else in Indiana.


Blogger fatrobot said...


September 16, 2005  
Blogger Doug said...

So I'm a little obsessive about this for some reason.

September 16, 2005  
Anonymous lawgeekgurl said...

Why is it that even though I moved out of Indiana going on five years ago (and am not likely to return, for career reasons), I am still proprietary and sensitive about outsiders making fun of Indiana's DST issue? I try to tell people that it's not about making sense to the rest of the world. There are three things that are guaranteed to get Hoosiers worked up, as a rule: Bobby Knight, Daylight Savings Time, and Class Basketball.

September 17, 2005  
Blogger lemming said...

LGG is exactly right about the three things. I'd add that not only do Hoosiers ge riled up, but they will take it to extremes that are truly silly.

"Gosh, maybe if we riot and make death threats against the university president's wife, then he'll see the error of his ways and rehire Coach kNight."

September 18, 2005  

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