Friday, May 5, 2006

We're Number 10

Forbes magazine has rated Indianapolis the tenth best place in the country to start a business or career. The main reason
for Indianapolis' high rating is the cost of living is 16 percent below the national average while incomes are 7 percent higher.


Blogger Butchieboy said...

Take that Toronto!

May 05, 2006  
Anonymous braingirl said...

See, this is my gripe everytime people get all high on the "Hate Mitch" bandwagon. No one takes into account what Mitch has done to drastically improve the business climate here. I sat in on a session Friday all day on raising capital for technology companies in Indiana and it looks better than ever before. The Investors tax credit, funding the 21st Century Fund this year and next, pushing the IEDC, these are all huge improvements that will make a difference in the next few years. Having just started a business here in the past year, I know first hand that we made a real decision to do this here -- low burn rate and improving eocnomy, and some money that might come up. Which makes me sick as the right-wingers hijack the party. Ugh.

May 07, 2006  
Blogger torporific said...

I think I have been reasonably fair to Mitch Daniels. I don't like that he supports the undermining rights of workers or his privatization schemes which have led to crony capitalism to name a few. On the other hand, I have admired him for embracing policies which differ from the freaky right wing of the GOP on social and even economic issues.

I am impressed at some of the initiative that he has shown in recruiting businesses to Indiana as well.

What is amazing to me is that he is less popular in Indiana than George Bush is. I do think some of my Republican friends from southwestern Indiana would lynch him if they had the chance.

It is embarrassing that a simple thing like a timezone issue would raise the ire of Indiana voters more than the crimes of the Bush Administration.

May 07, 2006  
Blogger Kenn Gividen said...

Eight of the ten cities listed by Forbes were in the south. The only northern city — other than Indianapolis — was Boise, Idaho (if I remember correctly).

The trend is obvious: Business is attracted to regions where government is limited and taxes are low.

May 15, 2006  

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