Monday, September 19, 2005

From the Seattle Times

Clock ticking as Indiana puzzles over time zones

By Mike Smith

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana's decision this year to observe daylight-saving time statewide was supposed to end 30 years of clock-changing confusion. Instead, it started a battle that could create a state time-zone system as puzzling as a Rubik's Cube.

At least 19 counties had asked to move from Eastern to Central time as of Friday, the deadline to submit requests. If the federal government says yes to all the requests, a person driving from Chicago to southwestern Indiana could go from Central time to Eastern to Central to Eastern and finally back to Central.

"What we are doing is just creating new confusion for ourselves," said retired Indiana University economist Morton Marcus.

Indiana, like a dozen other states, has long had multiple time zones. But most states are either split roughly down the middle or have only slivers in a different zone.

In Indiana, the situation is more complicated. Eighty-two of the state's 92 counties are in the Eastern time zone, but only five change clocks with daylight-saving time. Ten other counties — five in northwestern Indiana and five in the southwest — are on Central time and have observed daylight-saving time.

Seattle Times


Blogger lemming said...

Hoosiers are also the ones who insist that zoning is an infringement upomn their constitutional right to own property.... until the neighbors "do something" at which point they're sure that there's a law against it.

get a clue, Indiana.

September 19, 2005  
Blogger lemming said...

Oh my gosh - word verification gave me an actual word!!


September 19, 2005  
Blogger torporific said...

Yup, apparently, you've been to one of my homeowner association meetings.

September 19, 2005  
Blogger indygirl said...


Damn it people. Just tell me what to do with my clock.

September 20, 2005  

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