Saturday, February 17, 2007

Exposé of Brandt Hershman -- The author of SJR-7

Bil Browning at has a good piece on Senator Hershman, the crusader behind SJR-7, the bill which proposed a constitutional amendment legally define marriage as between a man and a woman.

Browning points out that Hershman may be pursuing this amendment under the guise of protecting families, but the good Senator divorced his wife after forcing her to have an abortion.

Here is an excerpt of Browning's post and a link to the rest of his entry.

"Good old Brandt has realized that he's no longer able to whip folks into a fury with the gay boogieman. Hoosiers point out that a constitutional amendment (for something that's already against the law) ranks pretty low on the totem pole compared to the war in Iraq, taxes, employment, immigration, and, hell, even Daylights Savings Time. His support is fleeing the ship. Hoosiers tend to be a rather tolerant bunch for the most part. They might be slow to change, but they are a live-and-let-live group in a conservative sort of way. If there is one thing they won't tolerate, it's a snake-oil salesman who says one thing and intends something else entirely. You know, someone like Brandt Hershman."

Continue reading at Bilerico.

Also, please read Advance Indiana's: Why Brandt Hershman Can't Be Trusted On SJR-7

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Blogger Timmy said...

I wish my schedule permitted me to be at the "Read The Fine Print" Rally at the Statehouse today.

February 19, 2007  

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