Friday, August 24, 2007

Number 31--always Blue and Gold?

The greatest Pacers in history, Reggie Miller, decided today against a return to the NBA. You might have heard that the Celtics had made an inquiry to Mr. Pacer if he would return to the NBA as a back up. After a series of off season moves, the Celtics appear to be one of the contenders for the Eastern Conference.

You may recall the Dallas Mavericks tried the same thing last year. And Miller turned them down. I was ambivalent about Miller's return last year but found myself excited about the possibility of his return for this season. Maybe it was my repressed Celtics pride from the Larry Legend era coming back after twenty years or so.

Miller told the Star that physically he could return for a full season but mentally he could not.

I think it is a bunch of baloney. Anyone who watched Miller his final season knows that he still has gas in the tank. I see Miller staying in shape and seeing if the Celtics actually compete. If the Celtics find them self atop of the Eastern Conference, look for the Celtics to make a phone call to Miller again. And my gut is telling me that considering he took so long to consider their overtures this time he will be receptive.


Blogger lemming said...

Do you see RM as a man of honor or just an attention hog?

August 25, 2007  
Anonymous Steve said...

I think Reggie's decision has little to do with "how much gas he has in his tank", and everything to do with a forgotten trait called "Loyalty".

I know how alien that sounds today -companies with no loyalty to employees, even to their country and people that gave them their birth, and built their wealth, so they could take their jobs elsewhere.

It's nice to know an individual of RM's status can still display it.

August 25, 2007  

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