Thursday, July 31, 2008

Same old (I mean old) song and dance

John McCain is a desperate man. He has a new ad campaign where he tries to link up Barack Obama with such pop culture lightweights as Paris Hilton. I was flipping through the channels and saw Fox News addressing the issue. Their response? Obama should just laugh it off. What I am unqualified? Golly John that sure is a good one. I am just a sugary media concoction? Man oh man do I have egg on my face for that one, John, you got me.

My favorite is where McCain keeps trying to paint Obama as an elitist. McCain is a man who has held one job in the private sector his whole life: for his wife's father's company. I am sure that he could completely sympathize with what average hard working people go through everyday because we all know that when you are the boss' son-in-law you are judged just like everyone else. Plus that guy has been Washington for how long? Twenty years? Let's call a spade a spade. With his millionaire wife and all his rich lobbyist buddies there in DC it is clear he would feel more comfortable at a country club than at an American Legion having a beer with decent, honest people. McCain, not Obama, is the one who is completely out of touch.

I don't begrudge the man for success. I just find it intellectually dishonest to attack his opponent in this fashion.

Here's a thought Senator. Why don't you try to come up with real solutions for the problems in this country? Why don't you quit pandering to the conservative base that you decried just a few years ago. Why don't you actually show some real leadership instead of this fear based politics you keep putting out there. America deserves better.


Blogger lemming said...

I feel the same way about GWB and have ever since he announced his intention of running for president, including texas. This is a man who has bankrupted every organization he's ever run. Alas, Daddy's friends are unlikely to bail out America's economy, a cheerful thought for me as I try to pay my bills.

August 08, 2008  
Blogger Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Because no one would vote for McCain if he didn't "pander" to the Conservative base. The democrats (liberals and moderates - if there is such a thing) are not voting for McCain. I mean really, there are no "undecided" middle of the road people. And if there are, they are probably still going to be sitting at home on election day deciding whether they should go vote or not.

August 23, 2008  

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