Friday, May 27, 2005

You can quote NWA lyrics to law enforcement officers

F--- tha police
Comin' straight from the underground

No matter how offensive speech is, I believe it the right to tell an authority figure to f-- off is a cornerstone of democratic freedom.

Profanity toward police ruled protected

A teen who shouted obscenities at a police officer was exercising his right to free speech, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled.

The three-judge panel voted unanimously Thursday to overturn the youth’s juvenile conviction for disorderly conduct, ruling that his comments in reaction to the officer’s treatment of his companion were protected political speech.

“Although we do not agree with the manner in which U.M. conducted himself ... U.M. was expressing himself regarding the legality and appropriateness of police conduct toward his companion,” Senior Judge George B. Hoffman Jr. wrote in the order reversing the youth’s adjudication in Marion Superior Court.

Indianapolis Star

Here is the actual judicial opinion (it's short)


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