Monday, May 23, 2005

Revenge of the Sith

Ok, I saw it this weekend as is mandatory for every 33 year old with even a modest appreciation of pop culture. I was five years old when Star Wars debuted, which was the perfect age to nag my parents for some Kenner action figures. I never had the Millenium Falcon or the X-Wing fighter. I just had the various characters and I still have them somewhere locked away.

Here are some various comments about the movie. There may be a few mild spoilers (but don't we all know what happened anyway?), so read at your own risk:

It's obvious from the "Love" scenes in this movie between Anakin and Padme that not only has George Lucas never been in love, I don't think he has even kissed a girl.

Jar Jar Binks doesn't open his very annoying mouth in this movie, but is seen twice on film.

I am sure someone has pointed this out before, but in this galaxy far, far away, there are laser guns, advanced droids, jedi mind tricks, space travel at greater than the speed of light, bionic body parts and many other advances. On the other hand, they must not have sonograms as Padme did not even know she was carrying twins.

I don't know if the Jedis were stupid or full of hubris (most likely), but they were fooled so easily. It's really almost hard to feel sorry for them. If I were Anakin, I think I'd want to be a Sith as well.

Did R2D2 lose some of his capabilities? He was more of a badass in episode 3 than he ever was in later years.

Anyway, the movie was well done in spite of its few flaws. It was visually stunning and the score as always was great.


Blogger Ms. Cuckoo said...

Is that mandatory? My my. Now I wonder either I don't appreciate pop-culture or I'm not in the right age. Since it's mandatory for 33 yo only, I have to wait until I reach that age and see all SW in a row.

P.S. I have heard you're not one to like magical realism? Ahh, no, this time it's no realism, it's pop-culture!

May 23, 2005  
Blogger lemming said...

The big question: is it really worth the price of admision? Bear in mind that I paid $8 to see Sith and still feel that Lucas owes me $2.50 or so.

I agree that Lucas must not have fallen in love - the lines he gave Anakin in Sith to explain his feelings for Padme were truly awful - this coming form someone who loved "Hudson Hawk."

May 23, 2005  
Blogger torporific said...

Chased, I think it's mandatory for people who grew up during that time period. My twenty year old cousin doesn't give a toss about Star Wars. Also, this is different than magical realism.

Lemming, I don't know. I thought the scenery was worth a few bucks. The fight scenes were worth some money as well. My favorite part of the movie was the back talking droid who expected to receive a "thank you" or a "you're welcome" from General Grievous. I don't know why but I larfed and larfed at that.

Yes, Hayden Christensen didn't have the best script to work with as Anakin. It's sad when the best acting in the movie is from the CGI character Yoda.

I've never seen Hudson Hawk, but I know it was considered a turkey when it came out.

May 23, 2005  
Blogger lemming said...

Hudson Hawk is a spoof, which I think is why so many reviewers loathed it. If you go in with an open mind, there are some really funny moments.

I'm with you, BTW about the generational thing. I'm proud that I saw the first Star Wars in he theater (and Jedi on my first date!) but Sith as so bad that I''m hesitant...

May 24, 2005  
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