Friday, November 4, 2005

Splogs and Spamalanches

I bought a laptop online recently and I noticed everytime that I did a search I ended up on a "splog" site from These spam sites are clogging up search engines and may eventually lead many to exclude blogs from Yahoo or Google searches.

A New Place for Spam's Same Old Pitches

Now that Web logs -- blogs, for short -- are a popular online pastime for millions of people, scammers are finding new ways to exploit them as vehicles for junk advertisements.

The Internet has even coined a term -- splog, a combination of spam and blog -- for a phenomenon that follows in the footsteps of rogue advertising such as spam e-mail, junk mail, junk faxes and adware
Last month, Blogger, a free blog service, identified a "spamalanche" that hit its system, and the company had to dismantle 13,000 spam-filled blogs created in the course of a single weekend.

Washington Post


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