Friday, October 19, 2007

Do Potatoes sap your logic?

The saga of Larry Craig the Senator from Idaho continues.

You may recall that Senator Craig found himself doing a little toe taping in a Minnesota bathroom. According to an officer for whom the toe taping was directed, the fine Senator's toe taping was a signal for some afternoon delight. Consequently the Senator was summoned, interviewed, and eventually pleaded guilty to a crime in the great state of Minnesota.

After the national media caught wind of this, Senator Craig initially felt compelled to first state he wasn't gay and two that he would resign from the Senate. Now the good Senator isn't going to resign, instead he is going to finish out his term and ignore all calls for his resignation.

You see the Senator is going to appeal the trial court's decision of denying to overturn his guilty plea. This is clearly a manifest injustice. I mean surely how can we expect a man of his age and of his stature being a Senator in the greatest country in the World to know what was going on during a court hearing in that big bad city? Geez, maybe he thought it was just a speeding ticket or something. I guess one doesn't have to know what the hell they are pleading guilty to in Minnesota. They probably don't have their laws all straightened out considering their focus is on hockey or something.

What a crock of crap. Does anybody believe this knucklehead? Quit acting like you didn't know what was going on in the courtroom. If you really didn't why would the fine folks in Idaho want you representing their interests in important matters such as health care coverage and the like. You know Senator you might have to pay just a little more attention there in the Senate than what you want Idahoians to believe you did in that Minnesota courtroom.

Was there ever a time when public service was an honor rather than an entitlement such as Senator Craig apparently believes?


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