Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boo Hiss

I don't know if I am proud or embarrassed by this. On Sunday the NFL honored the youngsters who won the punt, pass, and kick competition during the Colts game. One of the winners was a young girl from New Hampshire who was wearing a Patriots jersey. When she was announced the Colts crowd booed her. Booed a 14 year old girl who only happened to wear the jersey of her favorite team. I felt sorry for her when they showed her face on the broadcast.

The Patriots, actually showing some class, have invited this young girl to the AFC championship game so she can receive cheers like the other contestants of the competition received.

What's next Indy? Boo Santa Claus? Cheer when a guy gets his leg broken? Throw batteries at an opposing teams player? What a minute-- those are all Philadelphia fans' antics.

Give the girl credit for not taking this slight personally. But it makes you wonder just a little bit if we are one of America's nicest cities like we claim.


Blogger torporindy said...

Yeah, I felt bad for her, but I figured she understood it was nothing personal.

January 16, 2008  
Blogger lemming said...

We are a generally nice city, but we have our moments. Hey, we're human.

Waiting for my table at a restaurant downtown this morning, a man asked for directions to the convention center. "I'm sorry, sir" and she did say, sir, "I don't know. "Fat lot of good you are you" insert swear word. "Sir, in this weather you're probably better off in a cab. "This city sucks."

I think this illustrates humans' enthusiasm for being rude when we know that we will get away with it.

January 19, 2008  
Blogger Jason266 said...

It has less to do with a city and more to do with sports fans in general. It's nothing personal, but she was wearing a Pats jersey. And Colts fans hate the Pats. As I wrote somewhere else, if it had been a Colts fan in New England, the same would have happened. I don't think its a big deal.

January 23, 2008  
Blogger St. Butchie said...

That was some massive faggotry.

January 25, 2008  
Anonymous Kurt M. Weber said...

Totally inexcusable. It's just fortunate that the young lady was in the oldest age group--mature enough not to take it personally. An eight- or nine-year-old would have had a total breakdown.

February 05, 2008  

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