Friday, November 30, 2007

Is it really that bad?

So it's Friday night and sadly I have not much else to do. Sometimes when I have a little extra free time I put random topics through google and see what pops up. Tonight's topic was the top skylines in the United States. Interestingly enough I found a website devoted to the debate of the best skylines in the Midwest.

Before I clicked there was little doubt in my mind which would rank number one: the city of broad shoulders itself-- Chicago. But I was a little taken back by the ranking of my adopted hometown of Indianapolis. Now I know it is only a web site and only some random yahoos' opinions but I have to tell you everyone seemed to put Indianapolis near the bottom. Heck some even put Indy's skyline behind Des Moines and Omaha. Really?

Now don't get me wrong, I have always dreamed of a larger skyline. But I have never found Indy's skyline to be that pathetic. Maybe I am blinded because of my love for all things Indiana. Or maybe I am still ticked off at that Mass-holes comment about coming to Boston and being in awe of all the skyscrapers. Really dude that skyline is weak.

I mean seriously. Indianapolis has the largest building between Chicago and Atlanta, isn't that worth something?

But sadly not since the Chase Tower has Indy built a building that is awe inspiring. The Conrad. It's nice but stands at around 23 stories. The Simon building? Under 20 stories. It is also a little suburban but I have grown to like it over the last few months.

I do have room for hope. There is a 25 story mixed use building planned across the Fieldhouse. A 25 story mixed use building is planned for around Lucus Oil Stadium. The new convention hotel will stand at 30 stories. And the old MSA lot should have a building that would shore up the East side of downtown.

After that building spree maybe just maybe we can find ourselves in the same conversation as Omaha.


Blogger Douglas Karr said...

I would like to see the landscape change as well. Without the natural beauty of mountains or ocean, we've got an opportunity to paint our own scenery! We should be taking advantage of it.

December 04, 2007  

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