Monday, February 4, 2008

Brief note on the Super Bowl

The Patriots' loss was almost as satisfying as the Colts' victory last year.

The commercials were terrible. The jumper cables attached to nipples and the Godaddy advert were bad enough, but the worst commercial belonged to The commercial featured cartoon panda bears with stereotypical Chinese accents. It's amazing that the FOX network rejected the commercial because of the double entendre with the beaver, yet they allowed the terribly racist cartoon.


Anonymous Kurt M. Weber said...

Yeah, I was surprised we hadn't heard yet about some big outcry regarding the salesgenie ad. Right after it ran, I even said: "That's going to get some phone calls."

That said, anyone who does get upset by it needs to grow up. If you can't handle people making fun of you or of some arbitrary group you're a member of, you deserve to be pissed off.

February 05, 2008  

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