Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Most Unpopular President Ever?

Well, not quite, but he's falling fast. He still only has Jimmy Carter, Bush pere, Richard Nixon and Harry Truman to beat.

Hitting Bottom: It's official—George Bush has crossed the Mendoza line. On Friday, Gallup announced that the president's approval has reached a new low of 40 percent, while his disapproval has soared to a new high of 56 percent.

Every second-term president has his eye on the history books—and with these numbers, Bush has secured his place in them. Of the 12 presidents who've served since Gallup started polling in the late 1930s, Bush has entered the ranks of the most unpopular. He's now more unpopular than FDR, Ike, JFK, LBJ, Ford, and Clinton ever were, and has matched the highest disapproval rating of his idol, Ronald Reagan.

Bush's disapproval rose five points in August alone. At his current pace of losing favor, he could speed past two more presidents within the next month: Jimmy Carter, who peaked at 59 percent in mid-1979, and George H.W. Bush, who hit 60 percent in the summer of 1992. That would leave the current Bush just two more men to pass on his way to the top spot: Richard Nixon, who reached 66 percent before resigning in 1974, and Harry Truman, who set Gallup's all-time record at 67 percent in January 1952.



Anonymous Recyclops said...

Bush delendus zetz !

August 30, 2005  
Blogger lemming said...

Problem being that Truman is now highly regarded by historians and the public at large - witness DMC writing a Pulitzer-Prize winning bio of him. before getting so interested in the Founding Fathers. This poll will distress GWB not a bit.

August 30, 2005  
Blogger Jim said...

I was just thinking the same thing that Lemming was thinking. It's interesting to see the number of now highly regarded presidents on the list. I am among the many dissatisfied, but I agree with Lemming - he won't give a crap.

August 30, 2005  

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