Friday, August 12, 2005

Some plugs...

Michael Trossman is a friend of mine. He is a painter and has his collection of Blues, Jazz, Rock and Popular Culture portraits on his website. His work has appeared in many forms such as Rolling Stone magazine, The New Yorker, Album Covers, Recording Label Logos, and poster art for David Mamet plays.

Now, I have also plugged my friend David Cordell's book Fire me, please, so it would be unfair if I left another friend's website out. Sure, it's called I don't know if I'd click on the site at work, but it's a relatively harmless site of drunken people dry humping objects. Hey, I never promised that I associated with a sophisticated crowd, did I? He has had the site for years and it pays for itself and he has been interviewed about it on CNBC. His father even admitted that he was proud of him in a very, very strange sort of away.


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