Monday, August 8, 2005

Torpor Indy goes multilingual

In an effort to reach out to a new readership, Torporindy will publish in several languages. Some examples follow below. First, the previous post is translated to the scholarly language of Pig Latin:

Ondaymay, Augustyay 08, 2005

Ethay ismschay inyay ethay AFL-CIOyay

Erethay ashay eenbay ayay otlay ofyay ysteriahay overyay ethay ecentray efectionsday omfray ethay AFL-CIOyay. Iyay asway adglay otay eesay ethay EIUSAY andyay ethay Eamsterstay eakbray awayyay andyay amyay illstay onvincedcay atthay isthay illway ebay oodgay orfay aborlay. Yesterday'say Indianapolisyay Arstay adhay ayay uestgay olumncay ybay Ikemay Ullivansay, ethay eneralgay esidentpray ofyay ethay Internationalyay Associationyay ofyay Eetshay Etalmay Orkersway, mray. Ullivansay isyay oneyay ofyay ethay ewfay eaderslay inyay ethay AFL-CIOyay owhay illway admityay atthay isthay aymay ebay ayay ositivepay angechay.

Next, in the tongue of the Swedish Chef:

Mundey, Oogoost 08, 2005

Zee scheesm in zee EFL-CIO

Zeere-a hes beee a lut ooff hystereea oofer zee recent deffecshuns frum zee EFL-CIO. I ves gled tu see-a zee SEIOo und zee Teemsters breek evey und em steell cunfeenced thet thees veell be-a guud fur lebur. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! Yesterdey's Indeeunepulis Ster hed a gooest culoomn by Meeke-a Soolleefun, zee generel preseedent ooff zee Interneshunel Essuceeeshun ooff Sheet Metel Vurkers, Mr. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! Soolleefun is oone-a ooff zee foo leeders in zee EFL-CIO vhu veell edmeet thet thees mey be-a a puseetife-a chunge-a

You can translate any webpage into Redneck, Jive, Elmer Fudd and other possibly offensive dialects at The Dialectizer website.


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