Tuesday, November 8, 2005

58 Percent in Poll Question Bush's Integrity

Elections are all about timing. Bush pere knows this all too well. In a span of 18 months, he went from the most popular President in history to an early retirement. I thought the state of the country was bad enough last November to make W a one term loser as well, but Karl Rove put just enough sawdust in the transmission to allow the Bush regime to sputter past November into a second term. Now, the American people are stuck with a lemon and we have no warranty.

Bush's Popularity Reaches New Low

For the first time in his presidency a majority of Americans question the integrity of President Bush, and growing doubts about his leadership have left him with record negative ratings on the economy, Iraq and even the war on terrorism, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows.

On almost every key measure of presidential character and performance, the survey found that Bush has never been less popular with the American people. Currently 39 percent approve of the job he is doing as president, while 60 percent disapprove of his performance in office -- the highest level of disapproval ever recorded for Bush in Post-ABC polls.

Washington Post


Blogger fatrobot said...

when his popularity is low is when you'll see another terror threat
to divert attention

November 08, 2005  
Anonymous lawgeekgurl said...

If he and Rove cared at all about that, or if money didn't buy elections, I might be happy at the low poll numbers.

Bush is good at scaring people and getting them angry. Getting people riled up works for Bush with regard to the rah rah bomb 'em response trigger. The problem is anger might make people feel in control in the short term, but you can't sustain that anger over a long period of time or it becomes depression and malaise (hence those who are unhappy about the direction of the country long-term).

Unfortunately this principle doesn't really make much difference to the political lanscape in the long run because the same logic applies to anger regarding revelations about terror prisons abroad, leak, you name it. Next week everyone will have forgotten about it and/or become despondent that things will never change and get lethargic and disinterested about voting.

By the by, did you see the latest, that the GOP in Congress are all about the leak investigation when it comes to leaking BAD news like the CIA's secret prisons. Too bad they didn't give a crap about the leak of a CIA operative's name.

November 08, 2005  
Blogger torporific said...

Well, I don't know if any of us will matter during the 2006 elections. It's hard to defeat incumbents and most Americans blame other Congressmen for their problems, but love their own.

As for the leak, I saw that. The GOP have gone transparent in their hypocrisy these days. Let's see if anyone notices.

November 08, 2005  
Anonymous lawgeekgurl said...

Your point that most people blame every rep or congresscritter except their own - yeah, I hear you. This would be the reason the Hostettlers and Burtons of the world keep getting re-elected. Woody Burton in particular is a thundering looney, but he looks after his consitutents when they call for help. He gets them the septic permit or the hunting license or the birth certificate or whatever it is they're having trouble getting. He puts pressure on private companies to do whatever special thing the constituents say they need (I cannot tell you how many times I get calls from reps saying "you must do this" or "you must do that" because the legislature regulates my industry). He introduces whack-job single-issue legislation for constituents. They remember that come election time.

November 08, 2005  
Blogger lemming said...

His popularity may be low, but people still have W stickers on their cars. I still think that GWB sees himself as another Harry Truman.

November 09, 2005  
Blogger torporific said...

He is certainly deluded enough to think so, Lemming.

LGG, you're spot on about Woody Burton.

November 09, 2005  

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