Thursday, January 26, 2006

Your daily abortion news from the general assembly

A number of bills relating to abortion will go before an Indiana House of Representatives committee today.

Pregnant women considering abortion would have to be informed about the physical risks involved in the procedure and the possibility of adoption at least 18 hours before the abortion under House Bill 1080. The bill will go before the House Public Policy and Veterans Affairs Committee at its 10 a.m. meeting in room 156-D. House Bill 1172, which will also go before the committee, would require the doctor to inform the women that their fetus may feel pain during the abortion.

Another bill that will go before the committee is House Bill 1247, which would allow people to sue under Indiana's wrongful death statute over the injury or death of a fetus that has achieved viability.


I only wish there was this much concern about the health and welfare of children once they leave the womb.


Blogger indygirl said...

No kidding. With this much energy we could really take care of the unfortunate children we already have.

January 27, 2006  
Blogger Jason266 said...

Yes, but if you give the children that much love and attention, the children would become loving and sensible adults and vote Democrat, and the Republicans don't want that!

January 27, 2006  
Anonymous old yeller said...

Its amusing how left, right, center, Democrat or Republican can usally overpower the actual issues.

Legislators have no business intruding in the doctor patient relationship. Its a sticky issue best left to the individuals involved not a bunch of political hacks.

January 28, 2006  
Anonymous lawgeekgurl said...

legislators have no business trying to mandate scientific facts (regardless of the actual science behind those facts, assuming there is any) but that doesn't stop them from trying to do that too.

this is the problem when you are a zealot. no facts or logic or reason is going to get in the way of you doing what you will to accomlish whatever goal it is you see is your duty to accomplish. that's why zealots are so dangerous.

January 28, 2006  
Blogger Robert Enders said...

The number of abortions have been declining overall. If they really wanted to reduce that number further, they would allow kids to be taught about contraceptives. Kids who sign abstinence pledges are as likely to do it before marraige or while still teenagers as kids who don't. It's more about when desire meets opprotunity than anything else.

If they wanted to increase the number of adoptions that take place, they would allow gays to adopt.

January 29, 2006  
Blogger ng2000 said...

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September 13, 2008  

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