Thursday, January 19, 2006

Around the World in less than 50 fillups

This is a pretty cool site. John and Helen Taylor are driving around the world (over 18k miles) with less than fifty fillups. They are using some sort of special petrol to help them with fuel efficiency. They just started from London yesterday, I believe, and are currently in Frankfurt, Germany. You can follow their progress at the link. I believe they will eventually be near Indianapolis, but it is hard to tell from their map. They said something on the site about Cleveland. I emailed their public relations person to find out more information but he has not bothered to write me back.


Blogger Moulton said...

18,000 miles on fifty tanks of gas is just 360 miles per tankful.

The average car, with a 20-gallon tank getting 30 miles/gallon, would eek out 600 miles on a full tank.

To go 360 miles between fill-ups, you only need something like this:

12 gallons @ 30 mpg

15 gallons @ 24 mpg

18 gallons @ 20 mpg

By the way, the Earth's girth is 25,000 miles, so a road trip of 18,000 miles is considerably shy of a great circle around the globe. Not that there is any land bridge across the great oceans.

January 19, 2006  
Blogger torporific said...

They're averaging 42 mpg. That's not bad.

January 20, 2006  

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