Monday, March 13, 2006

Create a New Slogan for Indiana


Some of the submissions thus far:

"Come visit the 19th century!"

"There's more than corn in Indiana -- but not much."

"Indiana: Now open until 9 p.m."

"Indiana, flat, fat and all that."

and then there was this one: "Indiana -- escape the ordinary," suggested Larry and Elly Linneman, Spencer.

I ate lunch in Spencer yesterday on my way to visit family. I agree there was nothing ordinary about that place.


Blogger indygirl said...

Reader suggested "Indiana - A State Of Ecstacy" is a bit much.

March 13, 2006  
Blogger Indy Smoker said...

Yeah, there aren't any good raves here.

March 13, 2006  
Anonymous lawgeekgurl said...

how about "Indiana: at least we're not Kansas!"

March 13, 2006  
Blogger torporific said...

Or South Dakota--yet

March 13, 2006  
Blogger lemming said...

Indiana: Unforgettable in Every Way

March 13, 2006  
Blogger John Good said...

How about:

"Yes! We ARE for sale!
Contact Mitch Daniels @

March 13, 2006  
Blogger Creek said...

Discover Hoosier Hospitality

March 14, 2006  
Blogger cinnamon said...

the 'for sale' one is the winner I think!

March 14, 2006  
Blogger Jim said...

Wander Indiana. Oh wait...that one's already been used on the ugliest license plates ever conceived.

March 14, 2006  
Blogger torporific said...

Yeah, I remember driving to Florida one year. We were at a rest stop and I overheard someone say, "That Wander must be a big county in Indiana".

I remember that horrible song that went along with Wander Indiana. I used to sing "Wonder Indiana...Wonder why you're ever coming here." Okay, I was 12, it was the best I could come up with.

March 15, 2006  

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