Saturday, March 24, 2007

Indianapolis Sports Roundup

The Indiana Pacers came out of no where last night and put up one of their best shooting performances of the year against the Miami Heat. Miami, who had won 10 of their last 11, were lit up last night by the Pacers having been defeated 95-70. At one point the Pacers had the Heat down 39-9. The Pacers are now in the 8th spot of the playoffs for the Eastern Conference. My opinion has always been if you aren't good enough to win the whole thing then making the playoffs is pointless. The Pacers are definitely not good enough to win the championship and sadly by making the playoffs will automatically forfeit their first round draft pick to Atlanta via the Al Harrington trade.

The Pacers are making the right move by playing Shawne Williams. Larry Bird received a lot of flack for taking him last year in the first round. He has looked like the player that Bird had faith in the few times I have seen him. If this season is a wash you might as well give your young guys some experience.

The exodus from the World Champion Indianapolis Colts continues. I can understand letting Dominic Rhodes, Nick Harper, and Brandon Stokley hit the open market. I just can't understand letting Cato June go. This is now the fourth linebacker after Marcus Washington, Mike Peterson, and David Thornton, that the Colts have groomed and then let walk. It also happens to be the weakest position for the Colts. Expect them to address it with their first pick in the draft. However I have seen some mock drafts that have the Colts picking up a wide receiver with the last pick in the first round. The Colts are just crazy enough to do it, I fear.

With a very much improved Houston and Tennessee next year might be the first time it is not a given that the Colts will win the AFC South.

Last night Indianapolis' Butler Bulldogs played their heart out but came up short against a more talented Florida squad. Early on it looked as though the Bulldogs were going to pull it out. However the referees made sure that didn't happen. The refs called every possible small foul on the Dogs while letting the Gators run wild. The Gators got to the foul line 28 times, Butler 13. They certainly have nothing to be ashamed about. When the defending national champions punched, Butler punched back. Congrats to them and to both IU and Purdue who played really hard and gave their opponents a run for their money in the tournament.


Blogger torporindy said...

Well, some people are upset with Peyton because of his appearance on SNL last night. The Indystar comment section is full of comments about how Tony would have been disappointed.

March 25, 2007  
Anonymous Kurt M. Weber said...

If you ever watch the NFL Films productions, you'll know that Peyton is a (mild) curser on the field.

And, quite frankly, it was humor. Not something Dungy himself would have done, but I'm sure he realizes it's nothing actually worth worrying about.

March 26, 2007  

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