Friday, October 19, 2007


So my favorite band still recording did a gutsy thing this past week or so. Freed from any constraint of a record label, Radiohead decided to put out its new CD on the web. There is no distribution from a record company to your local store. The only way to get their new CD In Rainbows is to go to their web site: There you can follow some pretty easy directions and get their new CD--their seventh.

But here is the crazy catch-- you pay what you want. That's right. You put down what every you want to offer to download the new CD. You don't want to pay a dime: that's okay to Radiohead.

For the record I paid six bucks. I planned on paying more but I cut it back based on budgetary constraints. I don't hold any ill will towards someone who doesn't pay a dime. Although part of the reason I still buy CDs of bands I really like is to make it economically feasible for them to keep recording.

I am not going to review their CD here. Although I want to put out there that it is certainly worth the hype (Rolling Stone gave it 4 and 1/2 stars out of 5). It is their strongest CD I have seen since OK Computer (I am not as enamored with Kid A as some). For those who know Kid A well I will just say that In Rainbows is like a more accessible Kid A. I am not saying that in and of itself is better, just providing a point of reference.

Mostly I wonder whether not this will be the beginning of the end of record labels as we know it. Will this be the final slaying of the dragon that I-Tunes has yet accomplished? Will bands take control of their music completely and cut out the middle man?

Those are good questions. All I know is right now Radiohead put out the best CD of the year. You just can't pick it up at your local store.


Blogger alastor09 said...

nice, so some bands think in his fans

October 19, 2007  

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