Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Energy Conservation and Mitch Daniels

Perhaps he is using some of that IPALCO money to help fill up his GMC Envoy.

Governor keeps SUV, RV rolling despite pump prices

Gasoline prices are just under $3 a gallon, and the White House is urging motorists to conserve fuel.

But Gov. Mitch Daniels, who is driven around Indiana in either a dark blue 2004 GMC Envoy sport -utility vehicle or his trademark RV 2001 Beaver Patriot Thunder, said he has no plans to exchange either for, say, a hybrid fuel-saver such as a Toyota Prius.

“People are buying more fuel-efficient cars now in greater numbers, so people are responding in common-sense ways,” he said of the consequences of high pump prices.

He just won’t be one of them, at least for now.



Blogger indygirl said...

How can you expect average people to give a shit when our leaders and "role-models" could care less?

October 12, 2005  

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