Monday, April 3, 2006

God is punishing us for DST

At first last night's storm was an annoyance during the Sopranos, but I knew it was serious after the Emergency Broadcast System interrupted HBO.

We have no basement in our house and a lot of first floor windows, so we decided the pantry was the safest place in the house. We stayed there for fifteen minutes.

The pictures below depict damage to one of the tallest buildings in Indianapolis. I work around a block away from here. It was interesting to watch the footage of Mellencamp concertgoers taking shelter in Jillian's and other downtown businesses during the storm.

Where were you during the storm? Did you suffer any damage?

Girder that fell from the Region's Bank Building. (photos from Indianapolis Star

Another photo of Regions Bank damage

And again


Blogger Hugh said...

Took me two hours to get to work today because Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the Circle were all blocked to one extent or another due to the damage to the Union Planters Building.

He's not punishing us for DST. He IS punishing us for going on Eastern Time and not Central.

April 03, 2006  
Blogger Smartypants said...


How long did these storms last?

April 03, 2006  
Blogger torporific said...

I had a scheduled maintenance for my car today, so my wife dropped me off at work. It took ten minutes to get from the Market Street exit to New Jersey. I finally just bailed and walked.

Maybe God is punishing the bank for changing its name so many times. It's now Regions. You called it Union Planters and my co-worker called it Indiana National. Let's not forget NBD.

April 03, 2006  
Blogger torporific said...

Oh, and the Indystar caption refers to the Bank One tower rather than the Chase tower, tsk, tsk.

Smarty, there was allegedly a tornado a mile and a half from my house on Friday, but the heavy stuff came in last night. It was very severe for over an hour and the radio station said its entire listening area was in a tornado warning area, which is quite rare.

I can't get the post comment box to work at your site for some reason, smarty.

April 03, 2006  
Anonymous Shan! said...

Hey thanks for the comment. It was pretty crazy - you're not the lawyer they mentioned in the article are you haha?

Also thanks for that second picture I hadn't seen that one yet! I wish my video had came out better.

April 03, 2006  
Blogger torporific said...

No, I am not the one!

I wish I had brought my camera downtown today. There was so much debris on Delaware Street. It's going to be a while before they repair the damage at the Regions building. Thanks for stopping by.

April 03, 2006  
Blogger indygirl said...

It jumped right over my apartment building and landed 5 blocks over... Nothing quite like being on the 4th floor of a highrise during tornado season. Scary!

April 03, 2006  
Blogger lemming said...

I took shelter in the bathroom, rather wishing that I'd thought to dig out the batteries for my walkman so that I could listen to the storm's progress.

Then the power went out. I was sitting on the floor, looking for a reference, and took off my glasses to wipe my eyes. Not that there's a whole lot to see when it's pitch black inside, but...

Maine - we share a time zone with Maine. Good grief.

April 03, 2006  
Blogger torporific said...

I was conflicted about which time zone we should be in. It will light until 10 o'clock this summer, which is ridiculous. I actually like night time in the summer. On the other hand, I am now an hour ahead of most of my family. I should never be late for dinner again.

April 03, 2006  
Blogger Nölff said...


April 03, 2006  
Blogger John B. said...

I have 18 clocks in my 1500 square foot house...not including computers and atomic clocks that set themselves for DST.

I never realized that we had that many timepieces...nobody needs that many clocks.

Changing them all twice a year for DST is reason enough to vote out Mitch.

As for the storms, we here in N. Indiana were lucky enough to have just rain. Lost two trees two years ago to a tornado or straight line winds (they never did settle that argument), little house damage resulted but I was pissing down my leg the whole time.

April 03, 2006  
Blogger torporific said...

John, you're back. I had wondered where you disappeared.

April 03, 2006  
Blogger John Good said...


I enjoy summer nights as well; too bad we no longer have them now. Then there's trying to get the kids to bed ("But the sun's still out, Daddy"!), and the FACT that we can't possibly go see the fireworks on the 4th as a family, since they won't even start until 10:30 pm.

Go f*ck yourself, Mitch. Nobody else is interested at this point.

April 03, 2006  
Blogger torporific said...

I know. It was eight o'clock and the sun was brightly shining through our living room window. This is the first of April, can you imagine what it is going to be like in June?

April 03, 2006  
Blogger John B. said...


Yes, I am back, it was time for a change. I am the restless kind...

April 03, 2006  
Blogger Brian D. said...

At least Channel 6 was smart to give the live updates during commercial breaks of Grey's Anatomy. Nothing ticks me off more than when the other stations keep giving live info during a show in which they say, "Yes there is still a storm out there and it is going east quickly!"

Dude you can just have a ticker crawl at the bottom of the screen for that info. Now if they detect a live tornado I can accept TV preemption.

Living in the Midwest my entire life I'm so jaded on thunderstorms a tornado could go past and I would think "yep that's a big one all right!" and not bother to look for shelter.

April 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EVERYBODY SHUT THE HELL UP AND BE HAPPY THAT WE EVEN GOT DST. I prefer the sunset to BE AFTER 9p.m. in June. Like you can't buy special blinds to block out the sun when you're trying to sleep. Good grief. So many people handling the situation like kids, but their kids being grown-ups about it. AND WHO THE FUCC RUNS YOUR HOUSE?! You or your fuccing kids? STOP BXTCHING AND GET THE HELL ON WITH YOUR LIVES.

April 04, 2006  
Anonymous lawgeekgurl said...

wow, someone is bitter that people are unhappy with DST. Yes, I am unhappy. I live in a jurisdiction that has always observed it (at least I do now) and I am sill pissed about it. Bah. BAH! Anywho. I am happy to see you are not all dead. I thought of you whilst at my insurance lawyers conference where everyone had to bug out early on Monday to get home to handle storm claims in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Tennessee. I was confused about which building was damaged as they keep renaming it, though.

April 04, 2006  
Blogger mike said...

i'm glad this already passed so all your whining is useless.

besides, it's your fault that you had kids, not mitch daniels.


April 05, 2006  

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