Monday, December 4, 2006

Bayh's worst kept secret

It's no secret for quite some time that Senator Evan Bayh has had his eye on running for President in 2008. This should have been apparent by all of the time he has spent in Iowa, New Hampshire and even the fact that he initiated a meeting with ten local Indiana bloggers in May. He announced this weekend that he is forming an exploratory committee.

He has an uphbill battle. All the buzz is about Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. John Edwards has quite a few supporters and of course, there is the resurgent Al Gore. Daily Kos ran a poll just the other day and listed several contenders: including the obscure Governor Vilsack, political corpse John Kerry, and even Jimmy Carter(?!).

They forgot Evan Bayh though.

That's his problem. How will he get the talking heads to remember and include him in the list of serious candidates? I have criticized Senator Bayh ever since he was a 32 year old Governor because I thought he was too conservative. I haven't changed my opinion, but I think he would make a good Presidential candidate for the Democrats in 2008. He is one of the most popular governors in the history of this red state. He is electable and can win votes in the South where other candidates (like Hillary Clinton) cannot. Yes, he voted for the war and the Patriot Act, but he voted that way because he trusted that this administration was telling the truth. He is pragmatic and deliberative. Even when I disagree with him I am assured he has given his opinion careful thought. This will be a welcome change from the Bush administration.

Anyway, it's early. It is not official, but I think it's imminent. If the Democrats want to have a chance in 2008 against the GOP feelgood frontrunners of Guilani and McCain, they should look past Clinton or the inexperienced newcomer Obama and pay some attention to the Senator from Indiana.

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Blogger tommyspoon said...

Speaking as someone outside Indiana... has Senator Bayh changed his opinions on the war and the Patriot Act?

December 04, 2006  
Blogger cinnamon said...

Bayh is hot.
Seriously, he seems to be the most attractive canidate hopeful so far. If he played that up more went out on the town with Paris Hilton he might have a shot. Ok so I had this idea the other day. What if they did a Real World Capitol Hill.... Wait, was that an SNL skit with bob dole. crap. Either way I really would rather see the everyday details of polititians than insignificant drunken tools.....

December 04, 2006  
Blogger The_Kid_ said...

Sometimes candidates throw their hat in the ring to actually try to get the VP nod. I partially think that is what Bayh is doing because he hasn't attracted too much national buzz. He would be a great VP candidate as he would do well in the red states and probably would pull IN's 11 (or is it 10) electorial votes to the Dems. I think if Gore would have taken this in consideration in 2000, things might be very different now.

December 04, 2006  
Blogger tommyspoon said...

I did some digging on Bayh and I found out that he supported Joe Biden's immoral bankruptcy bill.

So no vote for Bayh from yours truly.

December 08, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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