Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hate and Job Losses

The push to codify intolerance in Indiana's Constitution continues. As most probably know, the General Assembly doesn't have time to be bothered with more pressing issues of Indiana including our State's massive job losses. Instead Indiana's legislative body continues its drive to present to Hoosier voters a Constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriages. No matter that Indiana already has defined marriage in our state by statute, we apparently need to make a constitutional amendment before one of those crazy activist judges gets their hand on this pressing issue. From my calculation, twenty-six other states have also approved a similar amendment to their state constitution.

Some of Indiana's largest corporations have joined to denounce this amendment. Eli Lilly, Cummins, Well-Point, Dow Argo Sciences and Emmis Communication all have made their position clear. Accordingly these companies have said that this amendment would hinder its ability to attract talent by demonstrating this state is one of intolerance.

I find the placement of discrimination in our state constitution very disturbing. The state constitution was created to guarantee rights to our citizens. Why would we wish to alienate a significant portion of our citizens who contribute to our state in multiple ways?

I also don't see why everyone is so concerned about prohibiting two consenting adults the right to make their lives together. Is it for children? Every study I have seen has found no negative psychological effect on children by being raised by a homosexual couple. I would also gather that a child would do much better in a loving environment of a committed homosexual couple than in a screwed up relationship between a man and a woman. I guess it is for the protection of marriage. I know it has been said before but heterosexual couples have put enough holes in the sanctity of marriage. I don't think a fifty percent success rate is anything of which to be proud.

Make no mistake. If this amendment passes and becomes part of the Indiana Constitution its life will be relatively short lived. Our children's children will look at the amendment the same way that my generation looks at the Dred Scot case or the poll tax. They will end this shameful period of our State's history.

In other news, an Indiana teacher was suspended and may ultimately be fired for printing a article in its school newspaper. In Woodburn Indiana, a teacher failed to get approved a story in the school newspaper about tolerance for homosexuals. As a result she may lose her job and almost half of the student reporters have quit in protest.

There is no question that the law is on the side of the school on this one. Here the teacher had to follow the policies of the school. One of those policies is to get approval of the stories from the principal before its publication. Her failure to do so will likely mean she will be looking for another job. That being said, if the story had been something less than a hot button topic I doubt it would have even been a problem for the school.

But again I don't think that is the big issue. What message is the school sending to that district's students. Don't stand up for what you believe in? Be hateful of those different than you? Shy away from controversial topics? I don't think many companies are looking for yellow bellied hate mongers as new hires. Maybe that is part of the reason Indiana's economy is struggling. Who would want to grow a company here when we are grooming kids who are completely inept with dealing with the realities of the working world?

Back to the amendment, there is a silver lining to everything. Before an amendment can become part of our constitution, it has to be approved by a majority of Hoosier voters. Voters striking down this amendment would send a strong message to the clowns at the General Assembly that it is time to deal with the real pressing issues that affect our state. It would send an even stronger message to the rest of the country that Indiana is the type of welcoming environment in which they would want to do business.


Anonymous Kurt M. Weber said...

Well, no, it's not the state's job to worry about job losses. The economy is none of the government's business.

But neither is marriage. I fail to see why it is necessary for any sort of government involvement in this. Let businesses, churches, clubs, etc. decide for themselves what they will and will not consider a marriage for their own purposes, if it is even relevant. If people are worried about disposal of property and whatnot after the end of a relationship, let them make a contract.

March 31, 2007  
Blogger lemming said...


I agree with you that this amendment is a pointless waste of time - it's scuttled legislative sessions in the past and will do so again. It will make it harder for major employers (such as Lilly) to attract the best and the brightest. we have yet to hear of a straight couple who felt that their marriage neded defending. (If your marriage needs defending, perhaps therapy and not the state house should be your first stop.)

Kurt - I agree that it's not the state's job to attract jobs. At the same thing, I do think it's their job to make conditions which are appealing to reasonably good civic employers, such as Lilly, Cummins and the various colleges and universities. These laws, I know from personal experience, have discouraged people, gay and straight, from coming here and encouraged others to leave.

April 02, 2007  
Blogger Smartypants said...

Regarding your comment about David Carr...

So. Do you think he's permanently damaged or capable of being successful on another team?

April 02, 2007  
Blogger The_Kid_ said...


Carr will have his day and his revenge on the heartless Texans.

Although word on the street is he is going to be a back up somewhere.

April 02, 2007  
Blogger Timmy said...

it's a shame that the majority of Hoosiers would vote for the amendment......

sad, but true.

April 03, 2007  
Anonymous Celia said...

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