Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Close to Home, RIP

CBS announced its fall line up today. The legal drama Close to Home was left off the schedule. You probably know that Close to Home centers around a prosecutor here in Indianapolis.

I am not torn up by CBS' decision. But I am disappointed that the Circle City won't have a presence on network TV. It was pretty cool to see the Circle, the State House (the show made it seemed that was where the trial courts for Marion County were based), the City County Building, and our skyline in the context of a show.

Ultimately the show never developed a following. Mostly I think because the show never could decide what it wanted to be. It was touted as a legal show focusing on the crime taking place in the" back yard" of the suburbs. But the show still centered on Indy and the 12th largest city in the nation hardly counts as suburban. The show also tried to show the balance of the main character's home and work life. But her home life never really factored into the show. I think the main problem with the show was its complete lack of realism. The trial sequences always showed the State's case going down the toilet until someone rushed in at the last minute with the evidence needed to get the bad guy. And the State never lost, at least when I watched. Anyone who reads the Star every day realizes that juries in Marion County aren't so trustworthy.

That makes two shows in a row centered in Indy that didn't make it past two years. Men Behaving Badly made it just two on NBC in the 90's. The TV classic Saved by the Bell was centered in Indiana one year before the show moved to California for the duration of the series. The record for a show based in Indy has to be One Day at a Time. That show made it nine years.

So hey that's at least three shows that were based here in Indy. Take that Columbus Ohio.


Blogger lemming said...

It's not a familiar city - some of the Chicago bits on ER are gratuitous (and some impossible) but more people have walked along the river, dealt with the noise of Wells Street, visited the Art Institute, etc. than have seen anything of us. We're known for the 500.

May 20, 2007  

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