Friday, October 19, 2007

Indiana Sports Round-up

I think Torpor's post on 9/11 may have finally run out of legs. So here are a few posts for your reading pleasure.

After watching the evil Patriots dismantle the Cowboys this past weekend, I couldn't help but think of the Coors Light commercial with Dennis Green, former Arizona coach. You know what commercials I am talking about? Each commercial has a former coaches' press conference and some guys asking questions about Coors light. The one I am thinking of in particular is where Dennis Green (presumably after a tough loss) declares: "They are who we think they were!"

The Patriots. Those dirty cheaters. They were who I thought they were. They are good.

They beat Dallas, the best team in the NFC, like a Pop Warner team. I wondered how the game would turn out. Not withstanding the national media's love for the cheaters, until Sunday they hadn't beaten anybody. The list of cream puffs who the cheaters had beaten had an incredible record of 7-16. I guess the AFC Least isn't quite as tough as the AFC South. Regardless after this past Sunday's win the Patriot's opponent's record is 12-16.

Your Indianapolis Colts, current World Champions, and the ignored un-defeated team in the NFL have had an opponent's record of 11-12. For you mathematically challenged out there that's one less than the cheaters. And the Colts have had a bye week. And did I mention the Colts haven't cheated?

The Patriots have a tough battle this week against winless Miami. Maybe if Dr. Frankenstein gets Trent Green ready it will be a game. Regardless the Colts have a tough game against 4-1 Jacksonville. I will put it out here right now. If the Colts beat Jacksonville on the road Monday they are the best team in the league. Just don't tell them. Our local teams don't do so well when they know they are the favorites.

Two universities have their hand full with what I think should be a major controversy. Indiana University's Kelvin Sampson got himself in some hot water with making phone calls with recruits. That wouldn't be such a big deal except he had been in trouble with the NCAA before for the same damn thing. What is the worst crime? The one where someone hasn't learned their lesson the first time. Say what you want about Bobby Knight the man ran a clean program (just putting it out there I am not a Bobby Knight fan). What is IU going to do? Not a damn thing. Fine him 500K. Well whoopie. Why aren't they going to do a damn thing? Eric Gordon. Sampson got him. No matter what the university says they stand for they are lying. They stand for winning. Hey if a few kids graduate too, that's swell.

Notre Dame football has become about as relevant on the national stage as Ball State. They haven't won much this year and they won't. At 1- 5 they might win one more game. They might not even beat Navy.

What's the problem? When Charlie Weis was winning back in 2005 they gave him a ten year extension. When Ty Willingham was winning what did ND give him? Not a ten year extension. Ty was fired for having a a 21-15 record. That apparently wasn't good enough. Weis record now stands at 20-12. And Ty never had a 1-5 record. More importantly he never had the last ranked offense in all the land. That's right Temple, Akron, University of Northern South Kentucky all have a better offense then good ole Notre Dame.

Anyone else think Ty got a raw deal?


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