Thursday, May 8, 2008

Welcome back Dominic Rhodes

Super Bowl 41 hero Dominic Rhodes is returning to your Indianapolis Colts. You may recall that Rhodes left the Colts after the Super Bowl victory via free agency when he signed with Oakland. He got a two year deal with the Raiders for 7.5 million dollars. After he was cut recently Rhodes again became available. The Colts signed him to a one year deal for around 650 thousand. That's quite a pay cut.

But that is the life in the NFL with no guaranteed contracts. Rhodes became expendable after the Raiders took Darren McFadden with the fourth overall pick in this years draft. With his contract, three other running backs on the roster, and his large contract the Raiders deemed Rhodes expendable.

But I think it is a good fit for Rhodes and the Colts. Joseph Addai was a stronger back when he platooned with Rhodes. Addai ran out of gas near the end of this year and Rhodes should help give him some rest. I thought Kenton Keith did a fine job last year though. With those two and Mike Hart on board the battle to be Addai's back up will be one of the most compelling competitions to watch once Colt's camp starts.


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