Thursday, December 1, 2005

Indiana Hoosiers

Marco Killingsworth looked like a NBA veteran last night at Assembly Hall. This even held true at the free throw line where he most resembled Shaquille O'Neal. This was the only flaw in his game as he dominated the national defensive player of the year Shelden Williams. Yes, IU lost but it is only going to better this season when DJ White returns and AJ Ratliff are fully healed. The future looks bright as a top prospect watched the game and was impressed. I have never been a Mike Davis detractor. I think he is a genuinely good guy and a great recruiter. I think there are better game coaches out there, but that is fine as long as you surround yourself with good assistants, which I think he has done. I believe some fans who are calling for his head are going to have to wait. It is going to be hard to fire him after IU wins the Big 10 this year.


Blogger Peaky said...

Don't really get basketball, I know it's easy to understand but don't get it. As for the P J O'rouke comment you gave me, I wasn't sure at first but you aren't the only one to say that so I'm hoping it's a compliment of some kind. I have looked him up and " right-wing satarist" may as well be satanist when I first read it.

December 01, 2005  
Blogger torporific said...

Yeah, he's the only funny right winger I've ever read. I did mean it as a compliment.

December 01, 2005  
Blogger Peaky said...

why thank you.
The lampoon stuff was amusing but your right incredibly racist

December 02, 2005  

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