Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Can we keep the hype down just a bit?

The Indianapolis Colts now stand as the only unbeaten team in the NFL. The only previous unbeaten team in week eight, the Chicago Bears, finally lost a game in their schedule of powder puffs and local Pop Warner teams with their defeat by the powerful Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins entered the game with a daunting 1-6 record.

The Colts, however, find themselves for the third year in a row with a road game in New England. The previous week the Colts went to Denver to take on the 6-1 Broncos and their stingy defense. The Colts won that game and followed that up with a defeat of the Patriots who likewise had only one loss on the year.

I don't know what the NFL schedulers have against my beloved Colts but it sure seems like all the "big" and rival games on their schedule never end up at the RCA Dome.

I was actually sad to see the Bears lose. All kidding aside the Bears are a hell of a football team this year and last week was certainly an aberration. But my immediate concern was the Colts. This year with the Bears destroying opponents week to week the Colts had been atop the AFC in relative anonymity. The national media have expected this from the Colts based on their previous success. As a result, their un-blemished record was met with a collective yawn. But now as the NFL's only unbeaten team, expect the hype to begin again.

What concerns me is that our teams in Indiana do not react well to hype. In fact anytime a team from the Hoosier State find themselves as a media darling I know the next thing that will follow: my broken heart when the team fails to attain greatness once again.

So keep it down media, at least the local media. Let the Colts worry about the next game, not the Super Bowl and certainly not about 16-0. Let them creep along and just let them play some damn football. You can quietly dream of a parade down Meridian Street just as me, but let's keep that bottled up inside until after the Super Bowl.

On a final note, Peyton Manning never stops amazing me. He is having his finest season. The stats may not be a gaudy as in the past but there is no question, this season he is a better football player than he has ever previously been.


Blogger Timmy said...

Parade?! that would be awesome!

November 09, 2006  

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