Friday, November 10, 2006

Random Thoughts Friday

If the Daniels administration have their way, there will be a new tollway called the Indiana Commerce Connector. How come our State leaders have always thought ripping up farmland and building new highways is the solution of our economic woes? I drive a lot of highways in Indiana and you know what I see off the majority of them: Marathon stations and Dairy Queens.

Why do I feel like when I tell my grandchildren about Indiana's rural past where there was farmland as far as the eye could see I will be met with the same befuddled look I used to give my grandparents when they talked about the Great Depression.

Keep this privatization up. I think a Starbucks symbol on top of the State House would look ripping.

State leaders: want to control suburban growth, build up not out.

Ed Bradley passed after a secret battle with leukemia. I grew up watching 60 minutes and I have always admired his intelligence and charm. May he rest in peace.

In case you are wondering, I am looking at the front of today's Star.

I am watching the Pacers right now. This year every time I see their team on the floor I can't help thinking of that scene from the cinematic masterpiece "Major League". You know the one with the construction workers: "Who are these f*%cking guys".

The Colts are set for a let down this weekend but still take the Bills 27-10. Look for the Colts first 100 year rusher of the season.

Have a good night.


Blogger lemming said...

There are some beautiful, fantastic, nay gorgeous old homes along Indiana's rural roads. I fear that I-69 will wipe out most of them - along with the old small cemetaries, family restaurants, etc.

They will be replaced with more Marathons and Dairy Queens. Convinient? Yes. Faster? Yes. Further proof positive that Indiana doesn't know a good thing when it has one? Yes.

November 11, 2006  

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