Monday, November 12, 2007

Blue Monday

I hate when the Colts lose.

I have been in a foul mood all day today. I couldn't sleep last night. I guess I probably shouldn't take the whole thing that seriously.

In case you missed it, the Colts let off a real stinker last night. They got down by 23 points, came roaring back, and then lost it when Adam Vinatieri missed a chip shot field goal.

I don't want to be too hard on the Colts. Many of the players last night were warriors. The Colts only had 17 players on offense last night due to injuries. Their wide receiving core was down to three, including one wide receiver who had never caught a pass in his four year career. Reggie Wayne played out of his mind. Especially given the coverage he had as he was the perceived threat out on the field.

Peyton threw six interceptions (really only five given one was a toss up at the end of the game). He looked like the Peyton of old: trying too hard to do everything. But you can't blame him. Those injuries are really starting to mount up. Anyone else wonder what is going on with Marvin Harrison? My gut is telling me he is done for the year but the Colts don't want to let the cat out of the bag. They need their opponents to keep planning like Harrison is going to play. It is obvious how important he is to the team and Peyton running the offense.

We took it in the can last night on injuries too. But none more important than Dwight Freeney. I hope that his season isn't done. That might be the death blow on what looked to be a great season. This team is better than last years and I would love to see them at full strength against the New England Cheaters.

Speaking of which, former Patriot Adam Vinateri laid a real egg last night. Remember that we ran Vandy out of town because of his kicking. Well Vandy missed the tough clutch kicks, he didn't miss the clutch easy kicks. Last night that was a clutch easy kick and Vinateri blew it. He may be human (as Kravitz from the Star makes the argument today) but it is hard for me to swallow that kick. Maybe the Colts didn't deserve to win but they could have and that is what makes it more difficult to let this one go.

If the injuries shore up the Colts still have to deal with their special teams, a liability for the team for the last five years. But either way I hope we can get our team back at full strength. If not, we might be playing for a wild card.


Blogger St.Nölff,Ph.D said...

Hey, your doin' better than my Panthers. The Colts are doing good.

We don't even have a quarterback.

November 12, 2007  

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