Thursday, February 28, 2008

Post 667

I just realized this blog had been languishing on 666 posts. I spent some time in a Baptist Church as a kid, so this really bothers me.

Anyway, there is a lot going on. I didn't know we have eleven planets now. I remember they were talking about dumping Pluto and that there were some dwarf planets, but I guess I don't pay enough attention anymore. Ceres and Eris are the two latest upgrades. A fourth grade girl won a contest to come up with a mmenomic device to remember them: My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed Under Nine Palace Elephants.


Cheap tricks have worked for Republicans in the past. I guess they are banking on the same to sink Obama.


Perhaps thanks to Beowulf, people are drinking mead again.


We need to start posting about music again here. Torporindy's music critic, "The Kid", is living in Philadelphia and is probably listening to The Hooters or something right now. I don't know whatever happened to the Brick. I would sure like to hear some more teenage confessions. Anyway, a local blogger, MOKB, has a radio show on Sirius. How cool is that?

I also learned on MOKB that Margo and the Nuclear So and So's want to write an album about YOU. Read about it here.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Random Thoughts about last week

Misremembered stands out as the word of the week.

This week on Capital Hill our fine Congressmen had nothing better to do then watch two grown men point the finger at each other. Roger Clemens & Brian McNamee. This thing was such a circus I kept waiting for the clowns to show up. How on God's green Earth did anyone think this was going to be a good idea? The committee apparently had all the information that it needed before the hearing but still had it on the insistence of Roger Clemens' legal team. I didn't realize that a private citizen could force a hearing to air their grievances. I better call my Congressman because the Kid has received a raw deal a few times in my life and I am ready to get it out there on C-Span.

Roger Clemens claims his friend Andy Pettitte misremembers a conversation they had about HGH. Never mind that of all the people in the world involved with this mess Pettitte would be the least likely to hold a grudge against Clemens and lie. Also nice touch there Roger about the wife getting HGH without your knowledge. I guess that would be something you would keep from your spouse and doesn't at all make your story seem less plausible.

Our own Congressman Dan Burton also got into the act. Mr. Burton may have suffered just a little bit from the red light fever (like when the cameras come on). Mr. Burton had one of the most played soundbites from this mess. He told McNamee that "he didn't believe him." Nevermind that two other persons that McNamee pointed the finger at confirmed his telling of the events.

Indiana University officials might have misremembered a little rule of life: if you buy trash you get trash. Well IU you bought trash when you hired Kelvin Sampson. He brought the stink of his former NCAA infractions with him from Norman, Oklahoma and now he has got you in the same damn mess.

I love Sampson's statement. Some BS about not intentionally doing what he was accused of. My father taught me a lesson years ago. Either you did it or not. Don't play semantics with a once proud university you jackass.

People have begun the speculation about Bob Knight's return to Bloomington. I think people misremember that for the last few years while he was coach he couldn't get IU out of the first round of the tournament.

That being said, Coach Knight ran a clean program and graduated his players. People misremember that there was a time when college athletics was a vehicle to get an education and not a minor league for the pros.

The other night there was a shooting at Northern Illinois University. The news where I live reported it as "another shooting at a university." I remember a time when a tragedy such as this would never be described with the description "another."

Monday, February 4, 2008

Brief note on the Super Bowl

The Patriots' loss was almost as satisfying as the Colts' victory last year.

The commercials were terrible. The jumper cables attached to nipples and the Godaddy advert were bad enough, but the worst commercial belonged to The commercial featured cartoon panda bears with stereotypical Chinese accents. It's amazing that the FOX network rejected the commercial because of the double entendre with the beaver, yet they allowed the terribly racist cartoon.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Friday

I watched part of the recent Republican presidential debate. The front runner John McCain and Mitt Romney went back and forth debating who was more conservative. I swear it was like watching a "Your Mama's so Fat" Contest. Give it a rest guys.

I usually watch Letterman (like a good Delaware County native) but with McCain on Leno last night I had to watch. Guess who made a surprise appearance: Rudy Giuliani. Fresh off his endorsement of McCain, Giuliani came on Leno and espoused also how conservative McCain is. At one point when asked about some of his liberal leanings Giuliani indicated that he was not afraid to reach out to the opposing party. He proclaimed that it is better to get 70 or 80 percent of what you want rather than nothing at all. Then he proudly proclaimed to Leno "you know who taught me that? Ronald Regan." Guess who taught me that Rudy? Logic.

John Edwards bowed out this week. Too much star power between the two Democratic front runners. Mr. Edwards, who does really seem like a nice guy, stated that he hoped to make his passion--to end poverty-- a component of the Democratic platform. Hey I think that's great but isn't it a little hard to grasp his sincerity about this issue when he is rocking a $400 haircut.

Microsoft just offer around 45 billion to purchase Yahoo. How in the hell is Yahoo worth that much? Hey Microsoft we got a high tech company that we will sell you for a song: Torpor Indy. We would probably let it go for a cool million and a private island somewhere. This web site usually reaches five or six people a week. Think of the ad revenue!
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